Website Updating Services


What is Website Updating?

Website Updating can mean many things. Updating your current website with new information, changing you hosting, or changing your website design. This can also fall under our other services we can provide for you.

What we provide

Website maintenance services is our specialty. Our digital media team is ready to assist you with maintaining your website assets, content, and technology on an ongoing basis. We love what we do and will go the extra mile to ensure that your website is fully equipped to help you succeed online.

We support all websites we develop and all technology we deploy into your website. The following is a list of current website platforms we support:

  • Joomla, WordPress, Prestashop HTML5 & Wix
  • Godaddy Web Builder
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Sitebuilder
  • Weebly

Website updating is for your primary website property/asset. If additional properties, external landing pages or platforms require support we can make arrangements to assist in this effort providing a few requirements are met in advance (please speak with a project manager about the details). Website maintenance task cover a broad scope of service activities. We make every attempt to pre-classify a request into one of our service levels before assigning the project to a digital specialist.

Here is a general list of service task we provide under our website maintenance plan:

  • Quarterly (at a minimum) focus chats to assess the state of your website and ensure that your online activities remain in line with your overall business objective
  • Adding new content (upon request)
  • Modernized design upgrades (providing the task is under 2 hours)
  • Website backups (backups are stored both local on the website and in our studio repositories
  • Speed optimization (as identified by reporting and monitoring tools)
  • Site security monitoring
  • CMS platform and plugin/custom code upgrades
  • Site traffic statistic monitoring and reporting
  • Goal conversion tracking and optimization
  • Webmaster tool monitoring (monitoring for broken links, crawl errors, and more)
    and much more...


Service hours for website maintenance task vary according to complexity, planning and objectives intended. We make every effort to assess a project request in advance to help determine turnaround time, team assignment and content or material prerequisites. There is no exact science to job estimation however we will advise you during the course of a project is we have estimated incorrectly.

Level 1 Services - 15 Minutes

General updating. This service level is often used to run reports, analyze site performance or test new plug-in and upgrades. Backups usually take no longer than 15 minutes to supervise. All sites are backed up at least once per month. Additional backups can be requested or a backup may be initiated before and after a new plugin or update is added to your website. One click updates are also performed under this service level.

Level 2 Services - 30 Minutes

Content Updating / Adding and Various Maintenance task. This service level provides for content updating. Website Content updates that have templates in place are often updated in 30 minutes or less. Content updating can include posting the content into social channels providing the content update is under the service time allotment. Generally 1 (8.5 x 11 worth of content) can be completed in 30 minutes.

Website maintenance updates are often triggered by the platform or plugin authors/developers. Many of the website add-ons we utilize across multiple websites. As a result we are aware of most updates and have already read up on the changes, and minimal system requirements. If your website is running an add-on that we don’t comply utilize across multiple platforms a single update (which generally could be one click) can take as much as 30 minutes to perform. All aspects of service level 1 are provided in this service level plan.

Most project instructions for this service plan come via email.

We will also work with your hosting company, and directly with most plug-in, addon extension developers.

Level 3 Services - 45 Minutes

All the same services requirements of service level 2 are provided in this service plan. In addition this service plan may require a 15 minute focus chat to iron out details regarding the website maintenance task.

Level 4 Services - 60 Minutes

All the same services requirements of service level 2-3 are provided in this service plan. This plan can provide for completing up to 2 pages of standard content and minor CSS / HTML edits or additions. We also provide a level of DIY training under this service plan.

Level 5 Services - 90 Minutes

All the same services requirements of service level 2-3 are provided in this service plan. This plan can provide for completing up to 4 pages of standard content and moderate CSS / HTML edits or additions. In addition a new content template can be built in this service plan making future updates take less time.

Level 6 Services - 120 Minutes

All the same services requirements of service level 2-3 are provided in this service plan. This plan can provide for completing up to 6 pages of standard content and major CSS / HTML edits or additions. In addition, a couple content templates can be built in this service plan making future updates take less time.

Our website updating service is fairly flexible. There are a few task that we are unable to provide under this service plan due to service time limit. We are able to project plan outside of this service plan and provide you with what we define as website development. Website development includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Completely rebuild of a website or build a new website
  • Support a non-supported platform (for updates)
  • Upgrades that require more than 2 hours to complete
  • Task that require us to build a twin website (due to complexity of the testing and deploying)
  • Work with out of country hosting companies.
  • The above mentioned task are services we can offer just not under our general service plan agreements.