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The total is displayed at the bottom of this page.  The total will automatically update as you select the website design options you need for your project.

Website Design Calculator

How many pages will your new website need or how many pages will you be updating?

Please select the number of pages you would like for your website. Think of sections such as Home Page, Contact Page, Services Page, About Us Page, Gallery Page and Blog Pages.

What type of development and web design support do you need?

Do you need help setting up your domain for development?

Setup includes creating FTP accounts, installing the required technology and making sure your hosting company can support the tools we will deploy.

Do you have a preference regarding the website technology installed?

We support the majority of popular website technology solutions. If you don’t see the technology listed you prefer choose other. The most you will pay is $300 for custom solutions or technology not listed.

Do you need a custom design or template theme?

Please note that we can adpat most templates to your colors, fonts and design requirements. Choose Template theme unless you require something truly unique.

Do you need a social media tools integrated into your website?

We support adding integration tools that enable your site visitors to like, comment and share your content and most social media channels.

Do you need On-Page SEO support?

On page SEO support, during development, will provide the support for up to 5 keywords. We will optimize the page content (URLs , Title Pages, Meta Descriptions etc).

Do you need photo’s / graphics for your website?

The images we use are from a royalty free image library (copyright free). The images used from our service library are high quality and professional. You are also able to supply us with images to utilize as well.

Do you need email marketing integration with (MailChimp, Constant Contact or MailerLite)?

We support Mailchimp, Constant Contact and MailerLite. We will integrate opt-in forms throughout your website to help grow your email marketing list.

Do you need online marketing tracking pixels and retargeting marketing tools installed?

We provide support for Facebook, Twitter, Google, Bing and Linkedin. We install, setup and test pixel and tags from these popular social media and advertising channels.

Do you need any Paypal buttons added to your website (standalone buttons)?

We provide support for Facebook, Twitter, Google, Bing and Linkedin. We install, setup and test pixel and tags from these popular social media and advertising channels.

Do you need a shopping cart on your website?

We will install a shopping cart solution that will work with your installed theme. We will configure the payment gateway tools that your cart supports. Please note that the cost of payment gateway tools can range from $0 – $100.

How many products do you need setup for your online store?

We will configure up to 100 products. If you need more we can provide a price point that is affordable. We will add product photos , descriptions and pricing and inventory information into your online store..

Do you need training? If so, specify the number of hours.

Training is done remotely (screen sharing) online. We also will provide help videos and recordings of your training session upon request.

Do you need any additional media services?

Do you need ongoing support services for website maintenance and/or marketing?

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