Our User Friendly Approach

We take a basic 5 step approach to servicing your business challenge and building your website. We maintain this course on every project, big and small! We promise you won't get lost in the technical jungle of building a website.

Project Planning




For any project, we tackle we always build a scope to help capture the high-level components of a situation or problem. This service is always free of charge and in the end, serves as the blueprint for the proposed solution. Our scopes are broken down into an 8 section format. The content topics of our scopes cover; Executive Summary, Business Objectives, Project Description, Project Approach, Project Estimates, Project Controls, Authorizations/Communications, Website Design Mock-Ups and Client Scope Approval. The scope is constructed based on a series of interviews with you, your staff and review of your current work processes and/or work environment.

Cost Estimating!


All projects will come with a full cost estimate proposal and timeline map. Our proposals spell out all cost factors including, development, training, additional hardware and software and any reoccurring expenses. This proposal is also free of charge and flexible to allow our clients the option to defer modules or negotiate installments.

Solution Design


Our specialty is making things easy. In doing this our developers become one with your process by learning your terminology and understanding your workflow. A diagram of your current workflow is constructed at a high level. In addition, the proposed solution is also diagramed and put through a feasibility study to ensure that the website or database design stays within budget parameters and timelines. In this process, we search for opportunities to consolidate repetitive task and seek to reduce rework and eliminate mistakes that may have been present in the previous work processes.

Develop the Solution!


Our development tools are generally rapid development applications. These tools allow us to modularize the deployment of every solution which gives our clients an opportunity to get a look and feel of the product before it is done. For each client, we establish a wiki forum or customer website portal in which we interact with staff members directly working in the company to help field questions, make technical directional decisions and share screenshots of interfaces to ensure the user-friendly aspect is maintained throughout the process.

Here's an outline of our development process:

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.39.57 PM

Release the solution!!


Keeping with the company theme and the true meaning behind the name we Release the Solution onto your workforce or deploy /activate your website. We go over the solution through webinar training or onsite visits. We provide support during and after the GO LIVE day and offer service agreements for the continued growth of your new business tool and friend.

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