Online Marketing, Optimization, and Maintenance Description


So, you decided to go beyond just getting your website online. Excellent. We are here to help you get the maximumbenefits to having an online presence. Our Marketing , Optimization and Maintenance plans are intended for small businesses they would love to have their own in-house marketing, design and technical team managing the day to day of their businesses website and marketing plans. The question you are probably asking yourself right now is which plan should you choose. All our plans provide the exact same service features. The difference between each plan is

The question you are probably asking yourself right now is which plan should you choose. All our plans provide the exact same service features. The difference between each plan is number of service hours you require. We interview you one on one and determine which service plan fits your unique business model. We also look for opportunities to provide you with discounts or custom plans to meet your budget needs so don't be afraid to ask.

Marketing, Optimization and Maintenance
Monthly Payments
Service Features
Most features are available for all packages.
Monthly Service Hours with roll-over plans
Turn-Around Times (72, 48 and 24)
Installation of new plug-ins, add-ons, modules and components
Website Updates (update CMS to new releases)
Royalty Image acquisition (5, 10 , 25)
Website Backup and Restore
Social Media Management Services (SMO)
Website Traffic Reporting (upon request)
Website Technical Support
Online Advertising Management Services (SEM, SMM)
Search Engine Optimization support
Email Marketing
External Profile Management (when purchasing our Yext service)
Graphic Design Support
On-Going Coaching
One on One Training
How to Videos
Contact Specialist

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Service hours are available in 8 , 16, and 24 hour plans. Any hours you don't use, month to month, are carried over to the following month. If you need more service hours in a single month you may purchase additional hours at a pre-arranged hourly rate.

Our response time vary per service plan. We provide 72, 48 and 24-hour response. The type of plan you purchase governs the response time. The response time does not dictate the total amount of time it may take to complete a requested marketing / maintenance task. In most cases after we acknowledge the request, the task will be started on the same day. Request are accepted and processed Monday - Friday.

We will install new plug-ins and add-ons which will help increase your website's functionality. We read all the necessary documentation, install the tool and training you and your team on how the tool functions.

We will install any new updates and releases your website may require. Keeping your website up to date reduces the chances of your website getting malware or hacked.

We provide access to our royalty free image library. Using our image services we ensure your website will not infringe on anyone else's copyrights.

We maintain current backups of your website. We provide daily, weekly and monthly plans for backups. we are prepared to restore your website back to it's original state in the event of data corruption or unrecoverable errors.

We will manage your social media channels. We determine the proper posting and outreach strategy for your business and then maintain a schedule for posting , monitoring and reporting.

We install a combination of analytical tools to help us evaluate your website visitors. We review these reports and provide you with access to help you see first hand how things are progressing.

We provide fast technical support for your website. We minimize downtime by ensuring we get to the root cause of challenges.

Online advertising is an awesome way to increase website traffic and online sales. We support your campaign efforts by building your digital campaigns and monitoring the campaigns.

Driving traffic to your website through search engines require constant optimization of pages on your website. We build an optimization plan that will help your business with organic visitors.

We will recommend the optimal directory channels to list your business in. We are certified Yext resellers and have access to the best automation tools for directory managed channels.

Our design team will assist you with print and digital campaigns. We understand you may need to go beyond just online marketing and we are ready to help you build the creative elements to help maximize your brands reach.

We work closely with small business owners to keep their online presence growing and prospering. The internet evolves quickly. We provide on-going coaching to our clients to ensure you stay informed on the latest trends and media channel updates.

we love when our clients want to learn how to DIY some of the sections of their website. We will work with you one on one to learn how to do some of the light lifting. We provide training in our studio or offer a webinar session.

We provide how to videos that show you how to do the voodoo we do. We want you to get the maximum out of our service. A video can take as little as 10 minutes to build versus 1 - 2 hours of one on one training.